About Us

Welcome to Rivergate Christian Community. We are a non-denominational, very real and down-to-earth church seeking to love others as Christ has loved us. Some phrases you can expect to hear at Rivergate are:

  • “This is a safe place to be real."
  • “This is a safe place to ask questions.”
  • “This is a safe place to cry.”
  • Though we are not the biggest of churches, our modest size does not embarrass us. We are deeper on the inside than we appear, and our literary arm and support for global missions give us a wider reach than you might think. We are committed to being part of the community rather than standing apart from it, and to impacting the world at large by resourcing the international church.

    At Rivergate, we are not all the same. We are a fragrant potpourri of backgrounds and personalities that finds its unity not in human ideas but in Christ Himself, who by His grace chooses to be among us. God doesn’t live in a building but in His people, and He isn’t defined by an institution or a tradition; He is Lord of the universe and He fills everything in every way – even us, which is amazing. We have therefore thrown off external religion and are pursuing what is authentic and deep. To this end, the Holy Spirit is active among us and welcome in our midst. We are endeavouring with His help to grow spiritual fruit, and we seek His gifts and life-giving power so that we can participate effectively in His ministry. It is through the Spirit that we are able to call God ‘Father’.

    We are thankful to God for His goodness to us, and we love to sing to Him in worship. We also enjoy eating good spiritual food: our preference is for substance (bread) rather than hype (sugar). We care very much about handling God’s truth well, so we engage with His Word in a disciplined way. Yet we are not slaves to a literalist interpretation; Scriptural truth is grand and eternal, and we must ‘soar’ with Christ in order to grasp it. We do accept, though, that not all truth can be grasped in this life. We don’t have all the answers, and we refuse to give pat answers. We look forward to a day when all will be made known; in the meantime we affirm the primacy of love in action.

    Rivergate isn’t a slick product. We’re not perfect, we’re not pretty and we’re not neat; we’re earthy and sometimes we’re messy. Do you have grace for us? If so, that’s great because we need lots of it. Christ’s presence in us means we have plenty of grace for you too. Why not come along and check us out? We have a Sunday morning meeting (including Kids’ Church) at 10am and a host of small groups throughout the week. We’d love to know your name and hear your story over a cuppa.

    Even better, how about lunch?

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